Jesus - Drawings and Paintings

What did Jesus look like? 

Jesus' physical appearance was probably either unremarkable (by near-eastern Jewish standards 2000 years ago) and/or on the rather unattractive side.  For the reasoning behind this belief, please refer to the extensive discussions of this topic on the internet (and disregard speculative nonsense). 
For me, for my pictures, this means: I can, in principle, proceed from the assumption that he was an average size male with a culture-typical beard who, during his itinerant years,  got only an occasional haircut. His skin was probably slighly olive brown, his hair dark and his eyes brown. He was probably lean and somewhat muscular like someone used to hard physical work in the carpentry and construction business (assuming he didn't gain weight since he left that business).
Hence, in many of my drawings I show a lean male with sometimes shorter, sometimes longer dark hair, a more or less trimmed full beard, and a modern mid-eastern physiognomy. 
However, in some of my drawings I allowed myself to depict him in line with the Western stereotype (particularly in drawings from a period in which I explored medieval European Christian art). Occasionally, I even drew pictures that showed as a black African or Asian person.
I never tried to draw him as he likely looked (how would I know, anyway?)
But I am pretty sure, among the thousands of pictures I drew there are some where his disciples would have said: "Pretty vague sketch but, yeah, that's him."  

The problem, is, I don't know wich drawings these are.